What is Node?

Nodewaves Nodes are the individual computers spread across the globe that support the Nodewaves Ecosystem. When you purchase a Node license, you can download and run a node on your personal Mac or Windows computer which will open up opportunities to receive $NWS rewards, exclusive NFTs, and will help the Nodewaves Ecosystem grow.

Become an integral part of the nodewaves ecosystem and reap the benefits of your contribution. Early node operators receive preferential pricing, which increases as nodes are sold.

The nodewaves chain is supported by a network of user-run nodes. Use decentralized data storage system to become a node operator and you own this node as a NFT and receive rewards and benefits for your contribution to the ecosystem.

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    Each node is allowed to vote on proposed changes to the Nodewaves chain and nodes will also hold greater voting power throughout the Nodewaverse

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    Nodewaves node operators will receive daily NWS COIN rewards for the nodes work

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    Node owners will also be rewarded with NFT drops and tokens based on their reputational score as node operators and general community members.